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LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 28, 2020 / ( has launched a new blog post that presents several popular methods used to lower the price of car insurance premiums.

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The price of car insurance can rise to as much as several thousand dollars per year. To no one's surprise, drivers want to pay less on their insurance. Fortunately, there are some clever ways that can help anyone save money on car insurance.

In order to pay lower premiums, drivers should follow these tips:

  • Raise the deductibles. Drivers who are willing to pay more from their own pockets, before the coverage begins, can pay less on their insurance premiums. Drivers who are taking this approach are advised to save some money, just in case, they will need to complete a claim.
  • Maintain a clean driving record. Some of the largest discounts in the auto insurance industry are offered to drivers that keep their driving records clean.
  • Bundle policies. Bundling all the insurance policies of the vehicles from a household is rewarded with a large discount by the insurance providers. Also, drivers can save money if they bundle their car insurance policies with other types of insurance like homeowner's insurance or life insurance.
  • Drop unnecessary coverage. For owners of newer vehicles, paying for collision and comprehensive coverage is worth it. However, for old vehicles that reached a certain age, dropping full coverage might be the right choice. In some cases, the price of a one-year full coverage policy is higher than the market value of the older vehicle.
  • Insure a cheap vehicle. Cheap vehicles are cheap to insure. Vehicles like sports cars, limousines, muscle cars, exotic cars are expensive to insure. Some of the cheapest cars to insure are family vans or mid-size SUV's that have high safety ratings.
  • Make the car safer. Drivers can obtain an important discount if they are installing safety devices and anti-theft devices that are approved by their insurance companies.
  • Join a UBI program. Usage-based insurance is getting more popular than ever. Drivers are now more open to the idea of installing a telematics device that monitors their driving behavior. Also, this is the fastest method that can help drivers with good driving habits obtain a large discount.

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'Car insurance is an important investment made by any driver. On the other hand, car insurance is also expensive. To get lower car insurance premiums, drivers resort to various methods.', said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company.


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