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Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 25, 2020

Grinfer, a startup out of Amsterdam that is creating a platform for online learning, has just launched 1-1 consultations with instructors as a part of its marketplace - in addition to on-demand courses, - aiming to let users customize their learning process.

The marketplace offers hundreds of online courses in Marketing, Business, Design, Personal Development, Photography, Technology, and more. Now, in addition to digital classes, learners can book individual consultations with instructors. That works for people who want an individual approach to the learning process, have specific goals, or questions unanswered that are not always revealed in virtual lessons.

You simply browse consultants (teachers, instructors, you name it) find the one you like, choose timeslots, and book a consultation. The instructor approves your request and - bingo - you jump on a face-to-face video session.

"Grinfer believes that the combination of on-demand courses and 1-1 consultations can really help both learners and instructors. However, consultants can decline your booking request as well. We give that opportunity to consultants as we're all humans. Sometimes emergencies happen and the time you've chosen may not work at all for the instructor." says Grinfer marketer Valeria Kaya.

The premise is simple: If you like the course you've taken but feel like you want to continue learning under the guidance of this particular teacher, you can start taking individual lessons to dig deeper into the subject. It works great for instructors, too. Teachers can find enthusiastic students and help them achieve higher levels in whatever they learn. But the great thing here is that any expert can become a consultant, not just those who have published courses.

"Our mission is to create one convenient place for online learning, which not equals online courses," adds Valeria. "We believe that combining the 2 most effective learning formats we'll give both users and instructors a nice space for collaboration. We see the major problem in E-learning. Simply watching on-demand courses don't motivate you to take further action. Once you've finished the course, you're done. This is where 1-1 sessions take place. Individual work gives you faster progress and polishes topics you stress on."

Screen sharing and group calls are in the pipeline, too.

Essentially, this is the main idea behind Grinfer: giving users the opportunity to keep on learning from the instructor when the courses are not enough or not the right format.''

"We've built Grinfer for millennials and Gen Y who are interested in getting in-demand skills fast without having to pay a fortune for studying," says Valeria. "We hope the community of both learners and instructors will love 1-1 consultations added to the marketplace."

About Grinfer

Grinfer, the global marketplace for e-learning, teaching, and consulting. While being a digital storefront for online courses, the platform also allows providing 1-on-1 consultations and teaching individual lessons on an hourly-paid basis to users worldwide.

For learners, Grinfer offers on-demand online courses and individual consultations with instructors all in one place to help get in-demand skills. For instructors, the platform is the all-in-one space to teach, consult, mentor, and make an impact while sharing knowledge and experience.

Founded in 2019, Grinfer is privately held and headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


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